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Fellow Online Dater,

Do you email women constantly yet your inbox remains empty?

Are you tired of being ignored by women and frustrated with your lack of success on your dating site?

Have you tried just about everything to get a date but continue to see zero results?

Then I have good news for you...

Hi, my name is Chris Castillo and I may have had the worst results in the history of online dating when I started.

I struggled for months to get women to respond to my messages and I had zero dates to show for it.

Not only was I depressed and frustrated, but over time it made me grumpy and downright mean, until...

I Discovered A Revolutionary Approach To Creating A Magnetic Dating Profile Using Little Known Breakthroughs Resulting In A Complete 180 To My Dating Life And It's Going To Turn Your Dating Life Around Too!

If you're finally ready to kick your dating life up a few levels...then you MUST pay attention to what I'm about to tell you about online dating... may not like it, but you need to hear it.

And you should listen whether you're a newbie who just joined a dating site (brimming with optimism at the potential to meet a ton of hot women) or a battle-tested online dating veteran looking for a fresh approach because you've discovered it's downright tough to get a date online.

Most guys start out on dating sites by creating dating profiles all by their lonesome, not looking for any help at all.

It's in our DNA, I guess.  Bold independent rebels, all of us.  We don't need help with this online stuff.  We know what we want and go after it.  It's why we're on a dating site right?

However...I know from experience the men who are SUCCESSFUL on dating sites seek out, and enjoy massive amounts of help, only after they realize it's damn near impossible to get women to respond to your messages and meet them.​

These successful guys gave up "going at it alone" the moment they realized how TOUGH online dating is.​

I'm sure you're aware online dating is tough, but do you know how tough it really is for a guy like you?  It's downright scary!

FACT:  Women Respond To An Abysmal 4% Of Your Messages.

That's right, this study found women will email you back just 4% of the time:

Another study found you have a 4.3% chance of getting a girls phone number off a dating site:

Email Match With Woman

That stinks.  Online dating will chew you up and spit you out. 

Basically, the odds are against you of getting a date, let alone a reply to your message from all those gorgeous women you've had your eyes on.

But it doesn't have to be this way for you.

The simple fact is this; the problem for men with online dating is that most men's dating profiles repel women instead of attracting them.  Most men have profile's full of Red Flags which DOOM any hope of success. 

You're in the same boat right now.

Don't believe me?

How Many Women Look At Your Dating Profile And Never Send You A Single Message?  Your Problem Is Your Dating Profile, Not Your Messages

Is there anything worse than reading a woman's dating profile, taking the time to craft and send a unique message, seeing that she read your message, looked at your profile, and doesn't respond to you?

The reason women aren't contacting you is simple...

You're dating profile is failing you and will continue to fail you unless you do something about it right now.

So, if it's been an eternity since you've actually gone out on a date.

If you feel helpless creating a dating profile that makes you stand out and attract women.

If you simply need help and don't know here to turn.

Keep Reading And I'll Show You How You Can Easily Transform Your Dating Profile Into A Jaw-Dropping Beacon Of Light Which WILL Attract MORE Women To You Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

You'll kick yourself once I share this secret with you because it's been right under your nose the whole time you've been on your dating site.

In fact, most men have no idea this revolutionary approach to creating a dating profile even exists.

So, pay attention, you're about to gain an advantage over the millions of men who would give their right arm to get one woman to respond to their messages.

BEWARE:  If You IGNORE The Importance Of Having An Eye-Catching Dating Profile You'll Keep Going In Circles; Lonely Weekends, Unreturned Messages, And Zero Dates On Your Dating Site!

If you don't make changes to your dating profile, you may as well just stop messaging women.

You'll continue to fail and only get more and more frustrated.

Sure, you might think you have an "OK" dating profile right now and you may be getting "OK" results - but if you're happy with being just "OK" you'll always be on the "short end of the stick" when it comes to meeting the women you actually want.

You'll continue to miss out on and will ALWAYS be overlooked by the hottest women because some other guy has a much better dating profile than you do right now ensuring he will get the pick of the litter over you.

So it's BETTER for you to have the best dating profile possible to ATTRACT the women you want to meet.

A fully optimized dating profile can do it for you - as it's clearly the most powerful and rapid means for you to meet women online right now.

The "X-FACTOR" You've Been Waiting For To Get You Over The Hump On Your Dating Site Which Most Men Don't Even Know Exists!

You can have your completely revised dating profile quickly and see an immediate turnaround in your results.

Women will not only respond to your messages, but they will actually take the initiative to send you messages first!

You'll set yourself apart from the masses and will grab women's attention with a "stop her in her tracks" dating profile.

Imagine how incredible it will feel knowing you have a dating profile head and shoulders above every other guy on your dating site.  Your new dating profile will draw women to you in scores.​

Think about the last beautiful woman you emailed and picture yourself meeting her for a cocktail for your first date.  How amazing is it going to feel knowing you've finally turned the corner on your dating life.

Rest assured, with an eye-catching dating profile, it's going to happen!

The Time For You To Turn Your Life Around And Meet The Women You Deserve Is NOW, Not Later!

My name is Chris and I've been using a groundbreaking system on my dating profile that has helped me meet an endless number of women on dating sites for years.

You won't see me on TV nor all over the internet touting how much of a "player" I am.

I'm like you.  I'm a regular guy who sees the benefit of online dating as a means to meet women for romance or even date casually.

I'm an expert at meeting women on dating sites but I had a very rough start.

In fact, I may have had the worst results in the history of online dating when I started.

It started a few years ago when I moved to San Diego for a job as a computer programmer.  It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

I didn't know anyone in San Diego at the time but I didn't care.  The job was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

San Diego is ripe with beautiful women and I was very single.

I didn't have any friends in the area and I'm not the kind of guy who goes to bars alone so meeting women was going to be tough.

Out of curiosity I scanned a few dating sites and saw there were a ton of hot single women in the area who were online looking for romance.

I had nothing to lose and was tired of being lonely so I decided to give online dating a try.

I signed up on and dove in head first creating my first dating profile.

You know the drill.

I created my username...

I filled out the section where you select how tall you are, if you want kids, if you drink, etc...

I uploaded photos that I thought were good...

I wrote about myself in what I thought was an appealing way...

Like You, I Was A Catch, So I Was Excited At The Possibilities Of Finally Meeting Some Women Even Though I Had No Idea What I Was Doing

I launched my dating profile and decided to email only the hottest women.

I read each woman's profile and commented on things I knew would get responses.  

I crafted what I thought were good opening messages pointing out how much we had in common to show these women we were matches.

I just knew some of these hotties would see how much of an eligible bachelor I was and were going to respond to me in droves.

I went to bed that first night pretty sure I was going to wake up to at least a few responses.

In fact, I had a hard time sleeping because I was actually excited at the thought of finally meeting a bunch of attractive ladies.

Do you remember how you couldn't sleep as a kid the night before Christmas?  You sat there all night staring at the wall thinking about all the presents you were going to get the next day.

Every time you closed your eyes you visualized how happy you were going to be in the morning as you tore through your presents.

That's exactly how I felt...

I Was Excited Like A Little Kid The Night Before Christmas.   Unable To Sleep At The Thought Of All The Hot Women Who I Was Going To Soon Meet

I eventually did doze off and when I woke up I jumped out of bed and ran to my computer and logged onto my account to see how many women sent me emails.

What did I see?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  An empty inbox.

I figured since it was a workday, maybe these women were too busy to send emails before they headed off to work.  I was positive they would respond to me after they got off work.

I took this opportunity before I headed off to work to email MORE women.  

Once at work, I had no idea if women were responding to me or not.

My company actually restricted employees from looking at dating websites by putting in filters on our internet access blocking employees from looking at dating sites.  Talk about frustrating, I couldn't check my account all day.

This was also before the convenience of apps on dating sites so I had no idea if women were sending me emails which made the day unbearable.

The day dragged but once my workday finished, I grabbed my belongings and made a beeline to my car.

I hopped into my car, sped through the parking lot, hit the exit, and headed home excited that surely some women had responded by now.

I zigged and I zagged through traffic like some bank robber trying to evade capture from the police.

On This Day, The Yellow Stoplight  No Longer Meant "Caution", It Meant "Pedal To The Metal" As I Floored It To Get Home And Log Onto My Account

As I turned into my apartment complex, I almost ran over some poor jogger who thought he had right of way.

Clearly, this guy didn't realize I had a ton of emails from women on that needed attending to.

I parked my car and hightailed it to my apartment.  I barged through the door like some crazy holiday shopper rushing to get his hands on a deeply discounted TV at Best Buy on Black Friday.

Huffing and puffing and almost out of breath, I turned on my computer and logged onto and what did I see?

Again, no messages from any women.  NOT ONE!  A completely barren inbox.

This was only my second day but I was having a rough start. 

I could see women looked at my dating profile yet I hadn't received one message.​

Is There Anything Worse Than Seeing Women Look At Your Dating Profile And Don't Send You Messages?  It Can Be Downright Devastating Making You Question Why You're Even On A Dating Site

This rough start wasn't going to stop me.  I continued to email more and more women.

This began what I like to call, my endless cycle of suck.

I changed my profile around, added new photos, got a book about online dating, and even checked out a few of these online dating "Casanovas" who seemed to have all the answers.

But nothing worked.  Everything I tried failed.  

I was actually becoming negative, jaded, and a little bit grumpy because women were continuing to ignore me.​

I couldn't buy a response from a woman if I were handing out hundred dollar bills.​

I'm embarrassed to admit this but I even lowered my standards.  Significantly.

I was now emailing women I would NEVER actually date.

I was so desperate to get a response from an actual female I didn't care who she was or what she looked like.

Let me tell you it stung even worse when these women who I thought were "undateable", didn't respond to me either.​

After a few weeks, I'd had enough of lowering my standards and went back to emailing only the attractive women but nothing changed.  

My confidence crumbled and I began to have doubts about myself.

Was I Ugly?  Am I Bland And Uninteresting?  Do My Messages Sound Awkward Or Creepy?  Or Is There Something I'm Not Seeing?

I'm sure you've experienced some of the emotions I was going through.

​Frustration with a lack of success and feeling like you can't catch a break.

Disappointment with all the effort put in yet having nothing to show for it.

Confusion why women don't send messages back.

Feeling hopeless because nothing you do seems to work.

Online Dating Can Make You Feel As If You're On A Beach Just Throwing Out Endless Messages Tucked In Bottles In The Hope That Just One Woman Will Respond

I was depressed I hadn't had a single date let alone a single message from a woman since I joined

Until one day everything changed.

One day, while skimming through a magazine, a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye would change my dating life forever.

​And I promise you, it's going to change YOUR life today too.

It started when I was thumbing through my latest copy of Men's Health for the latest exercise and health tips.​

As I was going through the first few pages of the magazine I read a short 2 sentence blurb about online dating.

The magazine shared that "doctors, lawyers, firefighters, and men in the military" had the highest results on dating sites and jokingly recommended that men should pursue those professions.

I already mentioned I'm a computer programmer so clearly this information about "doctors and lawyers" didn't apply to me but what grabbed my attention was there was a study about online dating.

I had no idea there was a study like this on a dating site and I wanted to know more.

Out of curiosity, I tracked down the study.

In order to access it, I had to pay $50 to the journal that published it but I did so without thinking twice.

​It was money well spent.  Here's why...

As I read through the study, sure enough, I saw the information about the impact jobs had on men's success rates which you can see below.​


I Was Floored When I Found That Men Who Share They're Looking For A "Casual Relationship" Receive 41% FEWER MESSAGES From Women

Email Penalty

The light bulb went off.  This is exactly what I was doing on my dating profile.

At the very beginning of my dating profile, I wrote this little blurb; "I'm not looking for anything serious right now.  Let's keep it casual and see where it leads."

I actually did want a relationship but I didn't want to come on too strong and felt if I said I wanted a relationship on my dating profile, I would scare women away.

The reality was because I tried to play it "cool" and wrote I wanted something "casual" I was shooting myself in the foot without realizing it.

I immediately changed my dating profile based on the study knowing that this one sentence at the beginning of my profile was doing damage to my results.

As I continued to read through the study I found more valuable information about...​



Height And Weight:

The study had a lot of helpful information I used to change a few things on my dating profile.

And you want to hear something funny?

Women Began To Take Notice After I Updated My Dating Profile.  Things Slowly Changed As Women Were Now Sending Me Messages First

Unfortunately, the women who were emailing me weren't the women I wanted to date.

I'm not trying to be mean here, but we all have our preferences for the opposite sex and these women weren't a fit for me.

I was starting to see small benefits from the changes I made based on the study I had read.  Sure, a few women were emailing me, but I still wasn't receiving responses from women I actually emailed first.

Like you, I wasn't going to settle.  

It felt good to have a few women contact me but I needed to figure out why all the women who I was attracted to were still ignoring me.

One night, while having a beer, I thought about the study I had read.  I wondered if there were more studies about online dating.

I started looking and what did I find?

Another Study Found Men Who Wear The Color Red Are MORE Sexually Attractive To Women.  Yes, A Photo Of YOU Wearing A Red Shirt Makes You Instantly HOTTER To Women!

That's right, against all other colors a study found by wearing a red shit, women will find you "more attractive" and "sexually desirable" as you can see below.

How brilliant.   I tore through my closet looking for anything red.  The only red shirt I had was a long sleeved shirt with a collar.  

I put it on and it looked like I was a manager at Pizza Hut.  Yikes.  This wasn't going to work.  I'd have to get a new shirt the next day.​

The next morning I stood outside Macy's and as soon as they opened I blitzed through the door almost knocking down the poor lady who unlocked the doors to let customers in.

I headed straight to the men's department and found a nice red V-neck which I bought.

I headed back home, cleaned myself up, and put the new shirt on.  Yeah, I didn't wash it first so don't judge.

I banged on my neighbors door​ and asked him to take a picture of me which he happily did.

I quickly added this sneaky photo to my dating profile in the hopes of becoming "more attractive" and "sexually desirable" like the study had said it would.

Here's the kicker.

An hour after I posted this new photo of myself in a red shirt, a very attractive woman emailed me commenting that she really liked the pic and thought I had a nice smile.  She even introduced herself!   This was the FIRST TIME an attractive women contacted me first.

HOLY COW!  I was onto something.

It was at that moment I made a decision; I was going to create a dating profile women wouldn't be able to resist.

It Became My Mission To Track Down Every Resource, Big Or Small, About Online Dating So I Could Create A Fully Optimized Dating Profile To Attract The Women I Wanted To Meet And Never Worry About Having To Settle

Like bees to honey, women would be drawn to me because my profile would be finely tuned to maximize my appeal to women I wanted to meet.

I began scouring the internet looking for everything I could get my hands on about online dating.

I joined several sites like the one below where you must pay money to access each study individually.  

Believe me, the costs add up when you have to pay for each study, but the costs weren't important to me.  Hell, months of being ignored by women made money a non-issue.

I wanted to get my hands on every study out there so I could understand the nuts and bolts of online dating.

The more studies I read, the more I realized I had a dating profile full of red flags that had been crushing any hope of success for me.

I found hundreds of studies and went through all of them.

Some studies were over 100 pages long while others were just a paragraph.

I Was Like Some Mad Scientist Taking Notes And Constantly Revising My Dating Profile With Each New-Found Nugget Of Gold I Found Buried In The Pages Of Each Study

With each change I made to my dating profile, my results steadily improved.

I was continually testing change after change as I read through more and more studies.

Any you know what?


The changes to my dating profile worked.  Boy did they work.

I had done a complete 180 from where I had started.

When I first joined, I wasn't able to get one woman to respond to my messages.

I even lowered my standards because I was desperate to get a response from an actual female.

But not now.  I had a constant stream of attractive women contacting me to the point where I was a little overwhelmed.

I Had "Cracked The Code!"  I Was Like A Kid In A Candy Store Because I Was Confident I Could Get Any Woman To Respond To Me Thanks To My Fully Optimized Dating Profile, And I Did!

My results were beyond belief and I felt like I hit the jackpot.

Women were bombarding me with "likes" and "winks", which are ways they get you to initiate conversations.​

Women responded to my messages at an unbelievable rate.  I was stunned at the results I was getting.

Even better, women contacted me first, commenting on my photos, what I had written about myself, offered their numbers and personal email addresses before I even had the chance to ask for their number or email.

I got more phone numbers from women than I ever dreamed of.

I went on a ton of dates with women I actually wanted to meet.

I went through my hookups phase.

I had a few long-term relationships.

I promised you I would share with you the revolutionary secret formula to creating a standout dating profile and here it is:

Scientific Research Has Given You The Ultimate Blueprint To Create 
A Bullet Proof Dating Profile Which Will Attract More Women To You
Than You Ever Dreamed Of

Your read that right; studies have collectively laid out the formula for creating a dating profile PROVEN to draw women to you.

I know you're thinking, "What on Earth are you talking about?  Studies can help me meet hot women?  Yeah, right!"

The answer is "YES" my friend.

The scientific community has been researching online dating since the early 2000's. 

The studies are done by noted researchers, prestigious universities, and dating sites themselves.

All these studies have access to dating sites and analyze the behavior of millions of men and women.

Imagine having access to MILLIONS of emails between men and women on dating sites and taking that data, analyzing it, and crunching the numbers to determine how women behave.

Studies Have Put Women's Behavior Under The Microscope And "Broken The Code" By Figuring Out EXACTLY What Women Respond To On Men's Dating Profiles...And What They Don't Respond To  

Studies show women look at EVERYTHING on your dating profile.

Your photos, your username, your headline, how you write about yourself, the section you fill out about yourself (smoking, want kids, income, height, etc...) all have an impact on whether a woman will email you or not.

The problem is you don't know what the woman looking at your profile is going to like or dislike.

The wrong photo, a bad attempt at humor, a poorly written profile, even the wrong type of username can have disastrous results for you.

In fact, studies show something as simple as one word in your dating profile can sway a woman's decision to contact you or not.

How Great Would It Be To Have Your Hands On A Resource With The Inside Scoop On What Is PROVEN To Work And NOT Work With Women On Your Dating Site?

Wouldn't it be helpful to have a tool to could guide you through the process of creating a dating profile that had absolutely zero flaws?

While all the other guys are running around in circles trying to figure out why nothing is working for them, you'll have a tool to give you the inside track to success on your dating site.

A tool giving you the know-how to attract women, elevate your status, and give you the boost you so desperately need to turn your life around.

The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide

I've taken the findings from hundreds of studies and broken them apart, piece by piece, for each section of your dating profile to teach you how you can create first-class dating profile that's hypnotic to women, all backed by Science.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for something "casual" or a "serious relationship", women are hardwired to respond to the same thing on a conscious and subconscious level.

You'll Have A One Of A Kind, Step-By-Step Guide Showing You How To Create A Mesmerizing Dating Profile Guaranteed To Transform Your Dating Life Today And Have More Women Beyond Your Imagination Begging To Meet You

This isn't about tricks, or gimmicks, or lying to women either.

It's about presenting who you are in an optimized way that will appeal to the women you want to meet.

It's not some "scientific template" either where you plug in values.  

It's a simple step-by-step guide to help you create a completely new dating profile or show you how to make changes to your existing one fast and easy.

If you follow this guide, your results will improve tenfold because you'll have a dating profile second to none.

Your dating profile will be the perfect balance of who you are on one level, and scientifically proven findings on a subconscious level, that when combined will elevate your attractiveness and appeal to women so much, they can't help themselves being attracted to you.

You'll Have In Your Hands The "X-Factor" You've Been Waiting For To Give You The Edge On Your Dating Site Which Most Men Don't Even Know Exists And Would Give Their Right Arm For

You won't find anything like this one-of-a-kind profile guide anywhere.  

Sure, there are tons of so-called "Internet Dating Gurus" and "Love Doctors" who'll make you false promises based on their non-scientific work.

These guys try to sell you "How-To Guides" which are based on them personally emailing just a handful of women.

Who are you going to believe?

Someone who tells you how to build a profile when they emailed a dozen women?


The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide based on Scientifically Proven Results taken from this study where the behavior of 23,000 men and women were analyzed.

Or this study where the behavior of 57,000 users was tracked and over 250,000 messages was analyzed.

Or this study that analyzed over one million emails to determine turnoffs for women on men's dating profiles.

Of course, you're going to believe the results taken from studies like these because they're based on FACT, not FICTION.

Each Course In The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide Is Armed To The Teeth With Proven Ways To Boost Your Appeal With Women.  The Beauty Of This Guide?
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This guide is the most comprehensive tool you'll have in your arsenal because you'll have an attention-getting dating profile women won't be able to resist.

Arm Yourself With These Courses, Jam Packed With Proven Ways To Create A Mesmerizing Dating Profile To Jumpstart Your Dating Life Right Now:

Course 1: Dating Profile Username

Dating Profile Username
  • How you can create a Mesmerizing username with Google to Instantly Appeal to Women.
  • ​3 essential rules you must follow to create a username women cannot resist.
  • ​Why you MUST avoid a negative, cliched, yawn-inspiring username at all costs.  The odds are high you're doing this right now and not even realizing it.
  • How knowing your A, B, C's will help you craft a username to convey success and intelligence; two traits women SWOON over.  HINT: The most successful companies use this trick when they created their company name to appeal at a subconscious level.
  • ​Discover the type of usernames women find the most attractive and how you can use this to your advantage according to a study.  FACT: Study found men showing this received 25% MORE messages.
  • ​2 simple ways you can create your username.  Both ways are proven to work by studies.
  • ​A simple formula you can use to create a username to share your passions, interests, or hobbies which women find delightful.
  • ​4 common mistakes men make with their usernames turning away women in droves.  Chances are you are doing one of these errors right now.
  • ​5 practical tips you ought to know to ensure women do a double take when seeing your username and click on your dating profile.
  • ​Worksheet, brainstorming section, and a list of helpful words are included to help you get cracking to create your perfect username.
  • How you should format your username so it stands out in women's "daily matches."  The last thing you want is to confuse women with a poorly structured username.
  • A trick you can do that puts you on the top of the list on your dating site.  Failure to do so can result in you getting lost at the bottom of the pile.
  • One rule you MUST ABSOLUTELY follow to protect your identity from scammers who can track you down on Social Media and Google.

Course 2: Dating Profile Headline

Dating Profile Headline
  • FACT: A great headline causes women to pause, which increases exposure time to your photo generating MORE attraction to you.  Discover how you can create a show stopper profile headline that will stop women in their tracks.
  • 4 Scientifically proven headline types that will increase a woman's exposure time to your photo.  Remember, the MORE time a woman is exposed to your photo, the MORE likely she is to CONTACT YOU.
  • How you can use a FREE popular website to create a funny headline guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.  The site is a Treasure Trove of great ideas that are creative and funny.
  • 6 Cringeworthy Headlines you must NEVER use because they're Red Flags which scare women away.  If you use one of these types of headlines, you're shooting yourself in the foot.
  • How you can create a headline to speak directly to women.  FACT:  Studies prove this to be the most effective way to appeal to women.
  • Steal from my comprehensive list of "goofy statements" you can use in your headline.  Each goofy statement shows humor and confidence, traits women adore.
  • Why you must dumb down your headline to appeal to women according to a leading study.
  • See how you can use "targeted words" to appeal to women on a subconscious level.  The words highlight your true persona in a captivating way.
  • Discover the correct way to communicate to women in your headline.  FACT:  One study found most men use a style that is a "Universal Turnoff" to women.  You don't want to be in this group.
  • Why using a headline showing a lack of effort is a bad idea.  HINT:  It shows how much effort you'll put into a relationship.
  • Worksheet included  helping you brainstorm ideas easily allowing you to compare headlines so you can choose the best one.

Course 3: Dating Profile Photos

Dating Profile Photos
  • Discover the number of photos you MUST show to get the most messages from women. FACT: One dating site found men who have this number receive 8 times MORE messages.
  • Examples of the perfect dating profile portfolio based on studies that you can copy.  You'll maximize your chances for success by following this course guideline.
  • Avoid the pitfall that causes a reduction of your popularity by over 50% when you use this type of photo according to one of the largest dating sites.
  • 4 rules based on Scientific studies which found the best techniques for taking photos.  Even if you aren't photogenic, these will help your appearance and increase your likelihood of success.
  • Learn how to flaunt one of your facial features in a positive way which nearly 70% of women judge you on according to
  • Discover a trick you can do with your eyes making you appear more competent and likable, two traits women fall for, according to a leading website.
  • One photo you must IMMEDIATELY remove because it makes you LESS appealing to women.  FACT: Using it results in 10% fewer messages according to a dating site. Odds are you have it on your profile right now.
  • A sneaky way to create sexual attraction by placing an item near you which you can find at any store. Having this item near you in a photo makes you instantly hotter according to a study.
  • Women will rate you significantly MORE desirable when using this cliched photo according to a prestigious university.
  • ​A photo you must have that one site found generates over 200% more emails for men when used.  Enough said!
  • ​Another photo you can use that saw a 20% BOOST in messages from women.  Use this with the previously mentioned photo and you will be a FORCE TO BE RECKONED with.
  • ​Why having women in your profile photos is the worst type of photo you can use.  Seriously, take it off now.
  • ​The type of clothes you should wear that gets you the most attention from women according to a study.
  • Warning: You must smile in your photos but using the WRONG type of smile reduces your likeability by over 50% one website found.  Are you smiling wrong in your photos?  Don't Risk It!
  • ​Discover when shirtless photos lose their effectiveness according to a study.  HINT: How in shape you are is not a factor.
  • ​See which type of action photo you can use as your main profile photo PROVEN to pique her interest and draw clicks to your profile.
  • Why holding a simple prop results in women being 3 times more likely to give you their number according to a study.  You appear "cool" and "fun" when seen with this.
  • ​Use a simple body gesture to appear more masculine which taps into women's internal desires.  FACT:  Women are MORE likely to have flings with men who show this trait in their photos.
  • ​5 photos you MUST never use on your profile.  Using one of these DOOMS your chances to meet women.
  • ​If you choose to sit in a photo, be sure it's in this specific position.  Women found men in this position the HOTTEST.
  • ​Why ONE group photo is necessary and HOW you must position yourself in it to show you are Alpha and Sociable.  HINT: Photos of you and your boys at a club is NEVER acceptable.

Course 4: Dating Profile Basics Section

Dating Profile Basics
  • Why you must never overlook this section where you choose your height, income, body type, etc...
  • Each question in this section impacts how many emails you receive according to studies.  Rest assured, with this course as your guide, you'll choose the best option for each question.
  • 2 rules you MUST FOLLOW before filling out each question.  Choosing the wrong values has Devastating Results.
  • See which body type one study found that the hottest fit women actually go for.  The answer will shock you.
  • FACT: Income has the highest impact on emails received from women, with high earners getting the most emails.  Where do you fall on this curve?  Learn which setting you must choose if you don't make a lot of money.
  • Check you have the correct value in this setting which results in 40% more messages over the other possible values according to a leading dating site.
  • Be sure you choose the right option for this question.  The wrong option shows you are afraid of commitment which is a huge red flag to women.
  • The option on your profile where, if the wrong value is selected, 60% of women on said they would Never consider dating you.
  • One setting that most men don't even think about which, when filled wrong, makes you look like a creep.
  • Choose wisely; selecting this option on this question can result in 50% fewer messages according to a leading study.
  • Why you must not skip this often ignored setting that can make you appear 10% hotter to women based on a study.
  • This question has options when chosen correctly can result in nearly 25% more messages for you, but if the wrong value is chosen, can result in 40% fewer messages to you.  Don't tank your chances by choosing the wrong options.
  • Not all options in this section of your profile are created equal.  Discover the questions you can ignore without impacting your results because they don't matter to women.
  • The one option you must NEVER choose in any question.  The answer alone looks like you are hiding something.
  • FACT: found 86% of women want a partner with the same level of intelligence.  See which setting on your profile is connected to this.  You can expect up to 35% MORE messages with the right value for this setting one study found.

Course 5: Dating Profile Free Text Section

Profile Free Text
  • FACT: 70% of women in one study said how you present yourself in this section impacts their desire to contact you.  Discover how you can write an extraordinary dating profile that will have women begging to meet you.
  • Learn the Do's and Dont's of how you present yourself in this section based on proven research.  Cover your bases with an optimized text section backed by Science.
  • S-E-X.  Yes, you can mention sex but must do it in the right way so you don't look like you're only looking for hookups.  WARNING: You must be confident to pull this off but it's HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.
  • Think photos are the only thing women look at when choosing you?  Wrong.  Another study found women will choose you based on this section over your photos.
  • 7 Deadly Mistakes the majority of men make when writing about themselves.  You're more than likely doing one of these and crushing any hope of success.
  • The perfect structure for your dating profile.  Following this template hooks women in due to the ease of readability.
  • Do you own a home?  How showing homeownership makes you more appealing to women.  HINT: Owning a home makes you appear less likely to make rash decisions like cheating.
  • 7 Rules all good profiles have based on several studies.  The profiles that achieve the most responses always follow these rules.
  • Discover the optimal amount of words your text section must be.  FACT: One study found dating profiles with this number of words received 10% more messages from women.
  • Be sure you share this trait because a leading dating site found you can expect nearly 25% more messages from women when they see it in your text section.
  • Don't underestimate your grammar and spelling.  Nearly 70% of women will judge you on this.  Learn which free tool you can download that will ensure you never misspell a single world.  No, it's not Microsoft Word.
  • Why you must SHOW it and don't just SAY it.  Sharing that you like "Traveling, Netflix, make other people laugh, and enjoy Game of Thrones" isn't going to cut it.  See the proper way to present yourself so you avoid a mediocre text section.
  • Why listing all your favorite movies, music, and TV shows on your dating profile is one of the worst things you can do.  HINT: Women actually like you LESS when you do this.
  • A sneaky way to create Instant Similarity with you in a woman's mind and generate a greater level of interest as a result.  Using this approach makes women think "Wow, we have a lot in common..."  A total Ninja approach.
  • How specific words can create interest on a subliminal level.  Sprinkle these words throughout this section and turn her on in the process.
  • ​Why you must always describe the woman you are looking for and HOW to do it.  FACT: Study found men who do this receive the most emails.
  • ​Complete dating profile examples that you can reference when crafting your profile.
  • ​See how you must start this section of your profile in order to create an instant connection to women.  Doing this makes it less likely she will lose interest.
  • Detailed list of examples of various topics showing you how to write about yourself to gain an edge over all other men on your site.

That's right....

It took 5 courses to completely break down every detail so you can create a showstopper of a dating profile optimized to attract women.

Oh, in case you forgot: each course is based on Scientific Research.

Taken Together, These 5 Courses Are Crammed With Dating Profile Tips PROVEN To Increase Response Rates From Women And Will Instantly Impact Your Results So Well, You'll Be Blown Away!

Women will see you like they never have before and your results will be out of this world.

All you have to do is download the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide and follow it to finally make a lasting impression with women.

You can have your completely revised dating profile up quickly and see an immediate turnaround in your results.  

Women will not only respond to your messages, but they will actually take the initiative to send you messages first!

You'll set yourself apart from the mass of clueless men who quite frankly, have no idea what they're doing.

Everything Is Laid Out For You, Step-By-Step, To Effortlessly Create The Perfect  Attention Grabbing "Stop Her In Her Tracks" Dating Profile Backed By Science

Think about how often you email women and get zero responses.

How many women look at your profile and never contact you?

Imagine all that frustration, all that disappointment, all that rejection you feel disappearing like magic.

How good would it feel to know you had a dating profile worthy of center stage?​

A profile crafted with fine-tune precision to catch a woman's eye because it's a perfect balance of everything proven to work to appeal to women.​

Wouldn't It Be Amazing Knowing You Had The Power In Your Hands To Transform Your Dating Life With A Tool Unlike Any Other That Most Guys Would Give Anything To Get Their Hands On?

Yes, of course, it would.

And here's the kicker, you'll NEVER need another guide to show you how to build a dating profile.

I'm sure you're thinking how incredible it's going to feel to FINALLY meet the women YOU want on your dating site.

Success is right around the corner and within your reach so don't put it off any longer.

OK, so you're probably asking, "Chris, what's this going to cost me?"

First the bad news...

The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide is a $199 course.

It's priced at $199 due to the depth of detail, the amount of work that went into creating it, the costs it took to access each study, and more importantly, because of the amazing results you're going to get.​

Look, if you want to spend countless hours tracking down hundreds of studies, pay money to access each study, test and re-test their findings, you certainly can...


Download The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide And Put Up A Dating Profile Which Will Easily Help You Meet The Women You Desire And Live The Dating Life You've Always Dreamed Of Starting Right Now

​I think you know what the better choice is.

I've done all the work for you, absorbed the costs to access each study, tested everything, taken the guesswork out of what works and doesn't work, but more importantly...

I want you to succeed because I was in your shoes when I couldn't get any women to respond to my messages.

I know exactly how you feel and I want to help you today.

So here's the good news.

First, I'm going to cut the price from $199 to $99.​

For less than $100 you'll finally have in your hands a powerful tool to fix everything on your dating profile and turn it into a powerful masterpiece all other profiles will pale in comparison to.

And here's the BEST NEWS you've heard all week.  The news that's going to change your life forever.

If you've read this far I know you want this today.

So, as long as this page is up, I'm going to let you download the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide...

Not for $199...

Not for $99...

​Nope, if you act right now, you'll get this extensively researched and detailed profile guide for one single payment of $79 today.

That's a 60% savings in cost I am passing on to you today for the only tool you'll ever need to create a fantastic dating profile and start seeing unbelievable results.  

Plus, As A Bonus To Make This A "No Brainer" For You, I'm Going To Include 3 Powerful Bonuses FREE Of Charge Today

These amazing bonuses are designed to boost your results and will give you the upper hand on your dating site.

Bonus #1: First Message Tips

First Message
  • 5 Critical Rules you must follow when crafting a message to women.  Fail to follow these at your own peril.
  • 3 Phrases You MUST use guaranteed to get responses from women.  FACT: A dating site analyzed 500,000 emails to determine the Most Effective Phrases you can use with women.
  • Learn the words you must AVOID using at all costs.  A study found that if you use certain words in your messages, your chances of responses are DOOMED.  One of the words, for example, results in you receiving nearly 85% fewer messages from women.
  • Why you must avoid boring "elevator talk" in your messages.  "Hi", "How are you?", "How's your weekend" just won't cut it.  See the types of messages that DO WORK.
  • How you can craft a message that will guarantee a high response rate.  HINT: You never want a woman to be able to answer your question with a simple "Yes" or "No".
  • Be sure you aren't saying this in your messages as one datings site found it will plummet your response rate by nearly 70%.
  • 3 highly effective ways to emphasize your sense of humor in your message.  Each of them is shown to increase response rates by 30% by a study.
  • A sneaky trick you can use in your messages to lower her guard and respond to you at a very high level.
  • The only 2 strategies you'll ever need for crafting the perfect first message to women.  Failure to abide by these will guarantee a first class ticket to her email trash.
  • The perfect message template you must always follow.  Each section is optimized to get responses from women.
  • How and Why you need to show Alpha male traits in your first message.  Beta's use certain terms that are a dead give away.
  • A copy and paste message guaranteed to get a high response.  The results you get will be off the charts. WARNING: Use it sparingly or risk being swamped with too many conversations with women.
  • A sneaky way to end your message to command her to respond on a subconscious level.  It's an often used marketing trick that works.
  • Detailed examples showing you how to identify topics on a woman's profile and integrate them into a tightly knit message.

Bonus #2: Online Dating Words List

First Message
  • Use this comprehensive list of nearly 200 Hypnotic Words gathered from numerous studies that women are PROVEN to respond to.
  • FACT: Research shows women are hardwired to respond to certain words in a positive manner.  With this list of powerful words at your disposal, you will increase the likelihood women will contact you.
  • Sprinkle these enticing words with surgical precision in your username, headline, text section, and messages and watch your results SURGE!
  • found over 80% of women look for a man with one powerful trait while nearly 60% want a man with this other trait as well.  Use these words in your profile to BOLSTER your results.
  • FACT: One study found men who use these specific keywords in their dating profiles receive over 30% MORE messages from women.
  • FACT: Men who use this word receive over 20% MORE messages from women.
  • FACT: Men who use this term generate nearly 70% MORE interest from women.
  • 5 alluring words you can use that were found to be the MOST effective according to a joint study by Two leading dating sites.
  • Print out the list for easy reference as you craft your dating profile to ensure your profile is off the hook.
  • 75% of women prefer this trait that that is directly linked to this specific word which you must add to your profile.
  • Simple words you would never think to use but have a profound positive impact on your results.

Bonus #3: Dating Profile Cheat Sheet

First Message
  • Use this resource to complement the complete dating profile course and use as a checklist to assist you while you edit your dating profile.
  • Cross reference each section of your profile with this helpful tool to ensure you have filled it correctly.
  • Be sure to use this guide to ensure you follow the Do's and Dont's of a truly optimized dating profile.
  • Print it out when you are on the go as a reference to ensure you've filled out your profile completely.

All yours FREE if you download the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide right now.

You'll finally be equipped with everything possible to create an out of this world dating profile as soon as you download this complete guide.

Once You Access This Radically Different Guide, You'll Hit The Ground Running And Start Seeing The Results You So Desperately Need

At $79 right now, this is a steal.

I don't want to be mean here but this could be the last chance you have at changing your current dating life.

Do you really want to spend another weekend home alone?

​Spending your prime years by yourself while there are countless women online right now looking for a guy like you but are overlooking you because of your poorly put together dating profile?

Even worse, do you want to be 85 years old in some retirement home all by yourself?

Looking back on your life wondering "what might have been?"

What's more important to you right now?

The countless weekends you spend alone.

The money you waste on movies, fast food, or a drink at Starbucks.


That you have the power to meet the woman of your dreams off a dating site right now.

A woman every man turns their head and gasps in awe and wonders how YOU were able to get here.

A woman to die for...

A woman you've longed to have in your life for so long...

A woman that finally makes life worth living.

If that's not worth $79 to you, then honestly, I don't know what is.

Think about this: 

Over The Span Of A Year, This Dating Profile Guide Is Only Going To Cost You
22 Cents A Day

​What else can you get for 22 cents a day?  That's under $7 in one month.

For less than the cost of a movie, a beer at a bar, or a meal at McDonald's, you can download a tool to instantly make you stand out in the eyes of women.

You can't find a better resource filled to the brim with valuable information about how to craft a fantastic dating profile.  A resource to change your destiny.

And you can download this right now for 22 cents a day?

You have a choice right now.

Keep your dating profile "as is" and roll the dice hoping through some cosmic intervention you're going to turn it all around or...

Transform Your Life Right Now With The

Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide

You don't get second chances to make a good first impression on a dating site.  Make your first impression count with an eye-catching dating profile to mesmerize all the women who see it.

Everything you need to meet Quality Women and change your dating life forever is just a click away.  It's right here at your fingertips!

Download the complete course and hit the ground running and put up a five-star dating profile in a class of its own.

  1. Dating Profile: Craft the perfect dating profile from head to toe based on proven studies.  Each course breaks down your profile, section by section, so you can easily fine tune your dating profile into a masterpiece.
  2.  Email Supplement: Use "on the money" techniques showing you the best way to get responses to your messages.  Say bye bye to your empty inbox.  Combined with your ace dating profile, women will respond to your messages in droves. 
  3. Word List: One of a kind Bonus tool chocked full of words Scientifically proven to put women under a spell.  Sprinkle these hypnotic words with surgical precision throughout your dating profile to create even MORE instant attraction.
Square Set 1
Failure Ends Now!  It's Time For You To Go Ninja Or Go Home!

For an incredibly low price of $79 you'll get your hands on the only dating profile course that is entirely based on Scientific Studies; all of which is proven to work.  You'll see an immediate payoff once your profile is up.

This radically different course is jam packed with valuable information the majority of men on dating sites have no idea even exists.  This alone gives you the upper hand on any dating site you are a member of.  Checkmate.

Be sure to act now as you may never see it again at this low price.  I normally sell this for $199 but am giving you a 60% savings today which won't be available much longer.

At $79 right now, it's a steal for you.​


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

A Few Messages From Satisfied Guys Who Were Once In Your Shoes
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Nothing worked until I used this course."

I was at the breaking point.  I was going to quit online dating for good because my results sucked.

I was skeptical when I saw your course but wanted to try one last time before giving up.  Boy, am I glad I downloaded this course.  I quickly realized that this was going to help me as soon as I read the first course.

It's easy to read, well organized, full of practical step-by-step instructions, and bursting with tips so even shy guys like me can learn how to be successful on dating sites.  I was able to turn it around thanks to this course.

This course is an essential tool for any guy looking for help with their dating profile.

Richard P.
- New York​
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"After months of nothing, I fixed my profile and the results have been Amazing!"

Tired of constant failure, I looked for help.  I've used other courses from dating "experts" who offered promises but failed to deliver.  All they sold me were tricks to try to attract women instead of being myself.  I never felt comfortable using those techniques.

I downloaded your course and was blown away with the information.  No over the top tactics.  No pickup artist nonsense.  Facts, examples, and tips that actually make sense.

Your course helped me land a girl I've been seeing for the past 3 months on OkCupid.  Your course will help anyone get over the hump.

Jim K.
- Los Angeles
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"This course works!  Like Magic!  Like a Swiss Clock!

Hi Chris,

I'm an introvert and am not the type of guy who meets women at bars, the gym, or coffee shops.  I decided to dive deep into the Online Dating pool to find a quality girl.

After downloading your course I signed up on   Your course helped me navigate the ins and outs of a dating profile efficiently.  You have great step-by-step instructions for how to create a unique profile quickly.

The results have surpassed anything I could have dreamed of.  This course should be the cornerstone of any dating program.

Rick M.
- Minneapolis
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"James Bond Approach!  Pure Alpha!"

I've done OK on dating sites but nowhere as well as I do now since downloading your course.  I thought 4 photos was enough for my dating profile but boy was I wrong.  And I loved your little trick to create a funny username.  Worked like a charm.

Now meeting women is a slam dunk.

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Mike W.
- Seattle
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"A Must Have!  A True Asset To Meet Women."

Wow.  This course is worth it's weight in gold.  The tips and examples were just what I needed to revamp my dating profile.  I rewrote my profile and now I feel it's an accurate representation of me.  

I can tell I stand out because I'm getting more responses in the last week than I have in the past 4 months combined.
Pete D.
- San Diego
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I Would Have Never Imagined That It Could Be This Easy."

Hey Chris,

I was completely lost creating my profile; finding the right pictures, figuring out what to write about myself, sending the right messages.  All of it had my head spinning.

I downloaded the course and found it to be straightforward, well organized, common-sense, and most importantly; EFFECTIVE.

I followed the course to a T and have had more dates with women than I could ever have dreamed of.  I am stunned by the results I'm getting.
Gio R.
- Miami
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Skeptical At First, But Man Was I Wrong!  Way Wrong!"

A dating profile based on a bunch of nerdy studies is going to help me get women????  Yeah right!

At least that's what I thought, but I was tired of going in circles; email a woman, she looks at my profile, no message back.  Email another woman, she looks at my profile, no message back.  On and on and on.  Same crappy results over and over.

I downloaded your course, read through it, and was completely floored by how much valuable information was in it.  I had no idea how many mistakes I was making on my dating profile until I went through each course.  I fixed my profile and saw an immediate turnaround.

This isn't some pick-up scheme nonsense which is what I love about it.  The information in each course makes total sense.  I'm doing it the right way thanks to your course.
Chuck L.
- Austin
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"This Course Helped Me Learn The Ropes...."


I have never seen anything as comprehensive as this course for creating a dating profile.  It's unbelievable how much information is in here.  It's wall to wall full of useful tips.

I loved how each course gets into the nuts and bolts of a dating profile.  I'm a little more analytical and everything made perfect sense after reading it.

This stuff is so good I not only fixed my profile on Match, but I jumped on POF as well and am getting double results.  Thanks for the help.
Carlos D.
- Vancouver

Chris Castillo
Creator of Ninja Online Dating

About Me

I started using these techniques almost 10 years ago.  I'm clearly not some cover model and had to rely on my brains more than my looks to meet women.  I'm not some pickup artist either.  I work in an office as a software engineer which doesn't exactly get a woman's juices flowing.

I understand how frustrating online dating can be.  Believe me, I've taken my fair share of lumps.  I've been in your shoes so I know how you feel.  I was the poster boy for failure but that's in the past.  My past failures are going to help you succeed in the future.

I figured out how to crush it on dating sites thanks to these studies.  You will knock it out of the park too because once you download this guide, you'll have the keys to the kingdom and instantly see a turnaround.

Warning! Are You Still Skeptical?

Well, I'm skeptical about everything.  Especially if someone has all the answers about how to meet women.

Like you, I've heard it all before and have even tried to use tricks a few Online Dating Love Doctors suggested but nothing worked.  It was a waste of time and money and to be honest, I felt like I was ripped off.

So, if you've read the information I've shared with you today and think it's too good to be true, that you want to believe this can work for you, BUT think there's some catch to it somewhere, something to hide, something that will surprise and disappoint you - STOP!​

Let me assure you that's not the case here.​

I'll Back Up What I'm Saying With A Promise AND A Guarantee

Just so you know I'm serious about this guide, I'm here to tell you it's legitimate.  

I promise you're going to see a complete 180 on your results.  Your results are going to skyrocket once you have your completely revised dating profile up and running.  In fact, I guarantee it.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is offering you an unheard of full money back no questions asked guarantee for a full year.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't start meeting women and getting dates within 365 days (a FULL YEAR), just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.  There's no doubt in my mind you will change your life around once you download this guide.

Still On The Fence?  Relax...

I know men who use the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide benefit greatly from it.  

I read their emails, talk to them on the phone, text with them, and even see a few in person from time to time and they all tell me how much this guide has changed their lives; meeting women, dating, hooking up, etc....

Because of this, I just hate the thought of you missing out because of some error or omission in my explanation about this guide today.

That's why I held a special brainstorming session with a few guys who downloaded this guide who once had doubts like you to figure out why you might say "no" to this guide.

After Several Hours Of Discussions And Analysis I Could Only Think Of Three Possible Reasons That Would Prevent You From Downloading The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide Today:
  1. You've tried everything and nothing worked and because of that, you have concerns.

    I'd have concerns if I were you too.  At first, I just knew I was going to do well on Match when I joined.

    In fact, when I put up my first dating profile I was 100% positive I would meet tons of women because I was a "catch."  The reality was I went MONTHS without a single email response.

    The problem was I wasn't presenting myself in a way that stood out and you're facing the same problem right now.

    You're literally one fish in an ocean of men who are all vying for the same women's attention.

    How do you stand out from all the other guys on your dating site?  How do you show women YOU are perfect for them?

    It's frustrating when you realize you have a very small chance to get a woman's attention.

    I stumbled on a study and was still a non-believer even after making a change or two.  However, after a few more changes I realized I was wrong.

    When you take lay out all the information from hundreds of studies, you have a road-map to a dating profile based on PROVEN facts to attract women.


    You'll see a HUGE increase in emails from women at a level you didn't think was possible because of your dating profile which is unlike any other.

    I've done all the work for you breaking apart the enormous amount of information so you can put up a completely new dating profile FAST and EASY.
  2. You're skeptical because you've heard other "Dating Love Doctors" try and sell you books or other guides.

    The amount of tips you're going to receive in the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide will blow the lid off everything else available right now.

    Every other guide, book, or course out there is based on some person's singular effort to meet women.

    Sure, they emailed a few dozen women and used that to create a few tips but that pales in comparison to the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide.

    I've let people much smarter than me do all the work here; namely top researchers and scientists.

    These men and women have looked at millions of emails between men and women to discover what works for men on dating sites.  And their findings have been published in all sorts of Scientific Journals.

    I can assure you some guy who tries to sell you some book about online dating hasn't emailed a million women.

    Science had done the research and I've taken hundreds of studies and organized them for you so you can use all this information to creating a dating profile that is guaranteed to work.

    Wouldn't it be a HUGE benefit to have a resource full of tips for each section of your dating profile to ensure you have an optimized one to attract women?

    That's what this guide is and why it's so different than everyone else's.

    The sheer volume of tips is so large, I had to create a course for each section of your dating profile.

    There's nothing which will help you meet women on dating sites as effective as this detailed guide.
  3. You're afraid to pull the trigger because of the price of the guide.

    Don't let the price scare you off.  I fully back this guide with a full money back guarantee.

    In fact, I'm giving you a full 100% guarantee for a whole year.  This is unheard of.

    Most people give you 30 days which shows you how much confidence they have in their product.

    That's not the case with the Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide; you're covered for a FULL YEAR.

    Here's the truth, though; I know you'll never ask for your money back because this guide is GOING TO WORK for YOU.
A Few More Messages From Guys Like You
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Give it a go!"

Hey Chris,

I must say I'm a very timid guy.  I tried several books and whatnot and failed miserably when it came to meeting girls on JDate.

This guide has shed a new light on how to meet the women I want to meet.  I highly recommend this guide to any guy who wants to step out of their comfort zone and start meeting women.

You'll learn how to succeed in the short term as well as the long term.  I wish I'd found your guide earlier, it would have saved me so much wasted time.
Jack M.
- Philadelphia
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I'm a believer......."

Joining a dating site was something that I've been looking to do for quite some time.  I had no idea how to start and was overwhelmed.  I'd just sit on my computer staring at the screen trying to figure out how to approach this.

Your courses made it simple to create a dating profile.  It emphasizes being honest, respectful, and presenting yourself to the world as your authentic best self.

Bill W
- Dallas
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"The proof is in the pudding..."

For anybody looking to dominate on dating sites and improve themselves in this area of their lives, needs these courses!  

I have read a lot of material in this category and this is a must for any of you that are looking for women or the woman of your desire.

Evert R
- Sacramento

Amateur Hour is Over.  It's Time to Step Up and Stand Out

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do women respond to your messages?
  • How many dates have you had in the last month?
  • Are you dating the type of women you want and deserve?
  • Are you "settling" for women when you know you can do better?

Yesterday was yet another day of defeat for you on your dating site.  But that was yesterday.  The past is past.

Everything changes for you RIGHT NOW.

You have the ability to change everything.  You can download a tool that will give you the upper hand and blaze a trail to the promised land.

Advantages vs Disadvantages Of Downloading
The Ninja Online Dating Profile Guide Today

Unsure if this course can help you?  Still, have some doubts?  Think about where your dating life stands today and where you want it to go.  Here are your choices:

Take Action

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